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You know that the "big guys", such as banks and multinational corporations, make lots of money - yet pay little or no income tax, fully legally. They have no interest in sharing their "secrets" with you - and your government has no interest in your finding out on your own!

But if you can run a profitable business,
you can do it too - you just need to know how...


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Dear Friend,

Thank you for your interest in learning what exactly it takes to set up your business in such a way that you can operate it with financial freedom, independent of your government, with your assets fully protected from any creditors, and your profits outside the legal reach of any taxation agency. The principles build on International laws and the fundamental "Common Law Principle". These are not subject to change through sudden passing of new legislation in your home country.

My pictureLet me introduce myself: My name is Mogens Eliasen (pronounced MOW-ence e-LEE-a-sen). I was born in Denmark, home of the Vikings that conquered England and introduced the law principles of Common Law and Magna Carta (which are still important foundations of modern law). People in Denmark pay some of the highest taxes on the world scene today and they have been suppressed from those fundamental virtues. I immigrated to Canada in 1990. I also lived a few years in the United States. I have been self-employed since 1985, and I have no intention of working for any other boss than myself...

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The welcome letter will tell you more about me and my background, and it will also explain the name... J

The potential of your business - and what the future could hold for it...

Do you want to control your financial future?

A business owner, you probably know that this depends on how well you can control and manage your business. And that, in turn, does depend a lot of what the government will let you do...

I am not advocating that you break the law - but I am advocating and teaching how you can use the law to your full advantage. And I am not restricting my talk to the law of your own country - because you can obtain some dramatic advantages by looking also abroad:

  • You will be able to determine your own business income tax - and you will have freedom to choose exactly the amount you want to pay, also if it is a blank zero! Legally and for good, and by providing totally honest information on your tax returns.

  • You will get your assets secured so well that you, in principle, could declare bankruptcy any time, without losing anything, except for the filing fee. (Just imagine what effect that could have on your chances of getting sued...)

  • You will be able to transfer your Estate to your chosen heir(s), regardless of who or what they are, without the hassle of probate, without a penny to be payable to the government, no reason for any lawyer to charge any exuberant fees, and no way of disputing your decisions.

  • You will be able to conduct your financial affairs in total privacy, with nobody snooping, not even the government or the credit bureaus.

On this page, I will introduce you to the simplest and most effective way you can structure your business so that you will be able to achieve these goals. There will be no need for any traveling, and you will be able to continue running your business as always. Your customers and suppliers will not notice any difference!

On top of that, I will personally guide you through the process, so you don't miss out on anything, and you get it done so it is right for you and for your business. My role will be to coach you - I will not be making your decisions. But I will certainly make sure that you get your due diligence and your research done in such a way that you can make qualified decisions and take the appropriate action!

So if this attracts you:

  • Privacy for your financial affairs

  • Complete immunity to creditors and lawsuits

  • Zero business income tax

  • Effective security of your Estate

then you are on the right page...

And here is a shortcut to the right spot!

What I expect from you in return:

You are prepared to educate yourself. You are willing to spend the necessary time to learn the specific steps to take with your own business. This will enable you to fully exploit the concepts for your financial freedom that you are about to learn about.

In the process, you will need to do your due diligence and use your professional advisors wisely, particularly your attorney and your accountant - and me, of course... J

I respect you for being a business person that is capable of making informed decisions, once you understand your options. I will also expect you to take action when you can see it makes sense!

I most definitely expect you to be a professional in your own area of business! Regardless what kind of business you want to run. Some examples could be any of these - and any combination:

  • Manufacturing or development of products in your own country or abroad;

  • Wholesale of products manufactured by someone else;

  • Retail sale of products or services in your own country or abroad;

  • Internet marketing and sales;

  • Software development or creation of art or copyrighted material;

  • Trading - generating short-term profits from the stock or currency markets;

  • Trading of commodities;

  • Long-term Investment, including private placements in other businesses;

  • Affiliate marketing;

  • You name it...

You see, the principles behind what needs to be done, in any of the above kinds of business activities, are the same! But the specific application of those principles to your specific area of expertise or interest is up to you!

It is really all about making money...

My goal is to give you the understanding and the information you need to make qualified decisions and take effective action. You will be able to structure your current or future business in such a way that you have maximum control and minimum liability.

When you follow through and manage your business in accordance with the principles I will teach you, you will enjoy these benefits:

  • You decide whom you want to share what information with;

  • You can determine how much you want to pay in income tax;

  • Your assets will be safeguarded, virtually impossible to reach for any creditors, including your own government;

  • Your financial privacy will be protected, only you decide who gets to know what;

  • Your Estate will be fully secured for your heir(s), exactly as you want it.

When you know how you can conduct your financial affairs in complete freedom and without having to report to anyone what you do and without being forced to share the outcome with anyone as you go, can you then make it to the success you deserve?

The answer is "yes", of course - because, if you can't make that into a success, you need to find yourself a job instead... No offense intended, but please be realistic. This stuff is not for everybody. It is for people who are willing to take full responsibility for themselves and their future, without being dependent on anyone else. Freedom is not "free". But it is worth it!

If you like this picture of yourself as a business owner heading for success and control of your own destiny, you will enjoy my home-study course
"Setting Up Your Business For Financial Freedom"!

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Why you would want to get this knowledge and use it for your business:

Where you are at with your business...

You are ready to "take home" the full value of what you created in your business. You have no passion for paying excess income tax to your government - you know darn well that the government will have zero passion for you and your family, should you, as a self-employed individual, ever need any help...

Your business is most likely a sole proprietorship or a partnership. You might have incorporated it, you might not. In any case, the ownership structure is fairly simple, involving less than a handful of people you know well, and you are hooked as an owner - hooked on all the liabilities that follow from doing business...

You should note that I also call "Trading" or "Investing" a business, regardless of many people not seeking such activities as a productive business, but merely as speculation in the markets. When done well, those activities generate a profit, though - and that is enough for me to include them in what I define as "a business".

However, if your business is a non-profit organization or involves investors that are institutions or government agents, you are not very likely to be able to utilize the concept to any degree that makes sense. Please click here, if that is the case.

What you are looking for...

You need the specific tools to bring your business to financial freedom. You don't need any wishy-washy generalizations of things you cannot use. You don't need to know everything about everything. It makes no sense to add too many choices to your options. You need to get to the point where you can make some qualified decisions!

You need to know what is important and what is not important. Not for "everybody", but for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.

You need that connection between what you want to achieve and the specific tasks you need to accomplish - and you want it in plain English from someone who has done it and still does it.

You want to identify a viable, feasible, practical solution that can work when you implement it. A street-smart, no-nonsense solution that makes sense, no hype or fluff attached.

Get this knowledge now!

I am impressed. I have taken a lot of home-study business courses, but always been somewhat disappointed because they did not really point out to me what exactly I could do in my business. This one is different - here is even a complete outline of an agenda for the meeting I wanted with my attorney! It saved my butt to know exactly what to ask, as I was about to ask a whole bunch of very wrong questions. Thanks a lot - it was a pleasure having you as coach.

Jack Steward, Ohio

Here is the solution you need:

I made this course specifically for business owners like you. People who want to understand enough to make their own decisions, but are too busy to study for the sake of studying. People who see the value of benefiting from other people's experiences and avoiding costly mistakes. People who want and appreciate their freedom to make their own choices, without having to obtain a permit for everything they do.

Instead of staying on the surface, the course goes into depth with the individual problems. It reveals to you the details you need to know in order to take full advantage of the concept - and to not fall into any traps on the way. But the course also spares you for all the academic research and "big words" about all the possible ways of accomplishing what you try to accomplish. Your time is precious and you have a business to run, so you need "just the facts" for a proven solution and how you can use it legally.

The course is different from any other course you might have taken in the past. The main reasons for this are:

  1. This course is specifically tuned in to what exactly you need to know and do in order to maneuver your business through these waters towards financial freedom!

  2. The course comes with a detailed Study Guide that instructs you how to get the most out of the time you assign to the course.

  3. The core of this course is the homework assignments. They are not just multiple-choice tests as you know them from school:

    • They enable you to check you own understanding of what you need to understand.

    • They enable you to be selective in regards to what you need to do for your business, not wasting time or energy on issues that do not pertain to your situation.

    • They constitute specific to-do lists for yourself, related directly to what you need to do in your business - what decisions you need to make, and what you need to consider before making them.

    • They provide a basis for you to identify areas where you need clarification.

  4. As an extra bonus, you can contact me via Hushmail to discuss anything about the lessons and your progress, and I will provide a full three hours free consulting on any topics pertaining to the course, split into as many fraction as you need! In order to get this extra bonus, all I require is that you tell me a few relevant things about yourself and your business by filling in and sending me a Student Registration Form, so the dialog can be meaningful. (You can take a peek at the form, if you want - so you know what I am asking. View it as a .pdf file in a separate window.)

    For your protection, those consultations must be either through encrypted e-mail (like hushmail), through an encrypted VOIP connection, or through Novasol's voice room, where we simply set up a solo-webinar for you (more information about the technicalities at

You can get the course now, if you are ready...

Hello Mogens. Just a short note to let you know how much I appreciate your course. I was a bit overwhelmed at start, but you sure did a good job on the phone getting me to see the perspective - and make a simple plan. I love this! My bookkeeping has become so much simpler! Thanks a lot!

Jerry Lewis, Virginia.

Hi there. I have participated in several multi-day offshore courses - and still came home with a bad feeling of not really being sure how exactly to go about this, without spending a small fortune on a "structure" that was way overkill for me. Mogens' course just hit home. It was the first time ever I saw all the nuts and bolts, nicely organized, so it was possible for me to finally take the action I needed to take, without fear of doing it wrong. And for less than a tenth of the price of a typical weekend course in Panama, not even counting travel and accommodation. So much for the pomp!

Tom J., Arkansas

How you study with this course:

The detailed Study Guide should be the first thing you read. It will take you through how you are to use the lessons in order to get the most value out of them and make your study time effective.

You do not need to have any specific education or background knowledge in order to get full value of the course. If you have already read my e-book "Using the LAW to Eliminate Your Business Income Tax" or you have been peeking into some of the topics we will cover, you might have a bit of a head-start. However, the information in the e-book is completely covered also in this course, and the course is very strongly focussed on your getting the work done you need to do for your business. For this course, it is not enough that you understand - you also have to use your knowledge!

There are 7 lessons in the course plus an Introduction and 5 appendices. Each of the 7 lessons will then give you some 20-30 pages to read and you will need at least a couple of hours to digest each one of them.

When you run into questions during any lesson, you give me a call on the toll-free number or you send me an e-mail.

When done with a lesson, you do your homework. The homework assignments are included in the lessons, and they are literally your to-do lists for the tasks you need to accomplish - but now you know what to base your decisions on, so you can make choices that make sense for you and your business. (You do not hand in your home-work - I cannot run your business or make your decisions - but you are welcome to call me and discuss any concerns you have or if you just want to have someone to bounce your thoughts off.)

The time you will need for your homework will depend totally on your situation and its complexity, but please do not count on spending anything less than an evening or two on each lesson, if you want to gain full value for yourself. The more you need to involve other people in your decisions, the slower the progress. If you are sole owner of your business, things can go faster.

Most students will want to use 5-10 weeks on this course, using a couple of evenings every week. It can be done in one week if you can take the time off. But some people want to take their time - and that is fine too, as long a you devote at least 2-3 hours every week.

It is important that you keep in mind that all the homework assignments are tasks you need to accomplish for your business. They are very specific for your business, so the time you spend on them is really time you work on your business. There is no need to hand in any tests or results, but you are always welcome to discuss your options with me.

You must understand, though, that I will not tell you what is right or wrong for your business - I can only explain your options and help you understand them. The decisions have to be made by you! I just want to make that clear...

Also, I am not going to teach you several possible alternative solutions to how you can structure your business set-up by using different suppliers of legal entities from all kinds of countries in the world. I will focus on what I know works - because I am using that solution myself. If you want to check all sorts of alternative offers, you are more than welcome - but I will not confuse you by making your understanding more complicated by introducing more variables than what you need; I promise you that you are not very likely to find anything that is better, simpler, more reliable, and less expensive.... And if you do and can show it to me, I will refund you the full price of the course.

Order the course now!

You just don't leave anything to chance, do you? I mean, those homework assignments - there is just no way of cheating anybody but myself by not doing them. I would be quite stupid not following the advice! I really like the way those assignments helped me do my due diligence and look into what was best for my business. This stuff is down-to-earth and simple enough to do. It sure makes you think, far beyond business taxes! A funny side effect is that it has totally changed my relationship with my accountant. I feel in charge now!

Carol Newman, Alberta.

I am impressed! I have spend thousands of dollars on education in these topics, and I have never seen anything that comes even close to this! Down-to-earth, hands-on stuff that just makes sense. Well explained. Neatly and logically organized. Excellent follow-up. Nothing left to uncertainty. Everything explained, so you can make your own decisions - and feel good about it. Nothing left hidden or secret or explained in vague terms you can't use anyway. Even the gray area of tax liability is explained so lawyers should learn from it! If you can't learn to run a business "offshore" from this course, you better look for a job.

Stephen Catmar, Texas

What an eye-opener. This is very impressive knowledge. I love the concepts it builds on. No cheating. No lying. No hiding information that I am obliged to report. But also no doubt about me now knowing where exactly the limit goes for what I can do and not do without putting myself into trouble. Poor taxman! He is outfoxed so brilliantly that he has no way of ever getting back what your students can win on using this knowledge.

Terry K., Tasmania, Australia

What value would all this have to you?

Wasted opportunities are expensive. If you, say, pay $300/month in income tax for your business, then every year gone by without your taking action will cost you $3,600 - money you will never have a second chance at getting. If you pay $1,000/month, the yearly total is $12,000...

You know what professional consultants and advisors charge. The only lawyers I know of, who are competent in this area, all charge a minimum of $500 per hour for phone consultations. You can do your own calculations, based on a live version of the lectures alone taking two full days to present. You will run into thousands of dollars. It might still be worth it! Considering your future savings, spending a few thousand dollars on this could be a very wise investment indeed...

I can also refer you to some people who arrange weekend seminars on topics like these - although without any specific homework assignments or active involvement from your side. Those seminars generally cost between $3,000 and $10,000 per person... (And I would want a full week to teach you the stuff in this course.... Because I want you to be able to use what you learn!)

So, you could just go ahead and establish your business entities...! Why would you take this course? What are your savings?

Well, first of all, you could easily be paying $4-600 too much for incorporating the wrong way or in the wrong place... You could also pay more than $1,500 for setting up a Trust or a Foundation in the wrong place or with a wrong structure. The worst part is that you could end up with a tax audit on your hands because you did not get things done right... That will easily cost you not only the taxes you could have avoided, but also the fees to your attorney and the penalties, not to mention your own time...

Wasted time will also cost you money. If you currently pay just $300 per month in income tax on your business profits, then every single month's delay will cost you another $300 you will never get back... This course will show you exactly what to do and in what sequence - there is no faster way of making it all happen, since the homework assignments simply are your to-do lists!

And what about your own time? Doesn't it have value? How much of your time can you afford to spend, in order to spin your wheels on researching what I already have done, on making your own mistakes, on correcting the errors you made, on failing to seize the opportunities you have available but don't know about? The time you need to use will easily more than double! That would have you waste at least 40-50 hours of yours... multiply those hours with what you consider a fair wage to yourself and you will run into thousands of dollars!

Also: this is not something you can get somebody else to do for you. This is the core of your control of your own business - you don't delegate that kind of stuff to anybody. You stay in charge!

The price for this course is only $449.00 ....

You will get a receipt that clearly shows this expense as being for a business education course - so you should be able to get a tax-deduction on the full price.

On top of that I will give you a full money-back guarantee, effective if I receive your Student Registration Form within 30 days from your order: If you don't feel the information and the instructions are worth every single penny you paid, you send me an e-mail confirming your payment and asking a full refund - and you will get it, regardless your reason!

You might be suspicious and think this is all "too good to be true". There must be a catch.

Honestly: there is no catch. There is no hook in this bait. But I admit, it is a "bird feeder"! I want you to feel good about getting this education, so good that you will tell other business people about it. Maybe even so good that you decide you want to do more business with me. Either by having your own business set up through me, or by joining Novasol's affiliate program and making some money yourself. The only form of marketing I really care about is word-of-mouth...

I do have an ulterior motive, though: I so sincerely despise the way our governments in the once "free world" are now stripping us of the fundamental freedoms we have been fighting for through centuries, that I will do a lot simply to help other people reclaim their personal freedom - and this knowledge is important for me to share, also for that reason.

And, finally, when you are ready to get yourself started "for real", let me know. I can show you where you can get things set up to work for you exactly as I preach...

Want proof? Order the course now!

I am running my dad's business, and one of our big concerns have been what happens when he no longer is here. I don't even want to think about that legal nightmare with my brother and sisters who have no interest in the business, but also no interest in supporting me! With this course, I was able to get my dad to set the organization up in a way that gives my family peace-of-mind. And Dad is happy that he knows his hard work establishing this business now will continue. It is heartwarming to see the pride he takes in his legacy, now he knows it will not get destroyed in a family feud when he dies. Thanks for making this possible!

Carlos Rudolph, Texas

Here is how you get the course right into your computer:

Do you have any good reasons for not wanting this the course?
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Let's recap...

With this course, you will be taken through each one of the important steps, one at a time, and you will get enough information about your options that you can make the decisions you need - without any fear of doing it wrong.

The steps will cover:

  • A detailed introduction of the concept for the business structure you need, including which elements you need and how those elements work and work together.

  • How you go about establishing the business entities you need in this structure.

  • How you structure the business relationships between your entities, including the agreements you need to make and why.

  • How you determine which assets are to be owned by whom - and how you make those choices...

  • How and when you transfer assets between your entities and why.

  • How you can generate some substantial tax benefits by using your business entities as independent partners.

  • How you run your business in a fully legal way, taking full advantage of the possibilities in your business structure.

  • How you get the most out of your attorney and your accountant, using them as professional advisors.

  • How you avoid getting a tax audit, and how you deal with it if you do.

  • How you protect your assets effectively, and get started on an asset protection plan that makes sense.

  • How you put a meaningful investment strategy together for the money you generate in your business.

  • How you can spend the money without incurring taxes or legal problems for yourself.

The homework assignments after each lesson will be your to-do lists. They will cover both your due diligence and the specific tasks you need to do. They will even include suggested agendas for your consultations with your accountant and your attorney!

The course will focus on a specific solution that I know works. I know there are other possible solutions, but there is no point in wasting your time studying them all - you only need one solution that will attain your goals.

You have nothing to lose by ordering. The course is covered by an unlimited money-back guarantee as soon as you register as my student.

And remember: You can do everything at your own pace. Nobody is pushing you - except yourself.

If you have any problems with the ordering process, then please and I shall help you. You may also call my office at Novasol Judicare Inc. if you have any questions relating to the information here you want explained. (Please find the contact information below)

You know, procrastination is not a business management virtue, so if you haven't ordered the course yet, you should do it now! Or maybe you want your boss to do it for you?


Mogens Eliasen


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P.S. If you know you want to establish an offshore presence, you can obtain some significant tax advantages plus a discount on this course from ordering our Trust Education Package, which will give you everything you need for a safe start on your life in freedom.

Did you order the home-study course

If you forgot, then DO IT NOW!

If you don't, you lose all your rights to ever collect any pity from anybody when you complain about your taxes; you are doomed to never ever be allowed to lament about the money you pay to your government - NOBODY can take your whining seriously if you miss out on getting this information! It is not available from any public sources, so when you leave this page, you have blown your chance... For the rest of your days, you will have to put on a happy smile when you pay your taxes, and nobody will feel sorry for you!

Don't let your government exploit you!
In order for you to fight back without getting crushed,
you need this information, and
it is not smart business management to try to
"re-invent the wheel".

It is here - ready to go!


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The solutions have been available for hundreds of years, but most people have the incorrect perception that this stuff is "only for the rich". It is not! It is certainly also available for the small business owner and the novice investor - and they need these tools even more than those who can afford to pay for everything they want.

This stuff is not taught in any school or at any university that is controlled by government. But it is vital to know for anyone who has a desire to get rich and not ripped off by their own government.

More information about getting a free subscription.

Let's say you have some valuable jewelry you want to protect. You get a safebox in your bank.

The bank gives you the key to the box. The only key that exists.

You put the jewelry in the box, close it, and walk away with the key.

Question: who controls the jewelry? The bank who owns the box? Or you who is in possession of the key?

What would change if you were not the owner of that jewelry? You still have the key to the box. The bank still owns the box. But the jewelry is owned by someone else. Who is now in control of that jewelry?

Morale: Control of assets has nothing to do with ownership. Assets are controlled by the person who has possession of the key, also when that person is not the owner.

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